The iLIFE-TROODOS project supports our culture

The iLIFE-TROODOS project participated at two cultural events organized in Troodos, giving visitors the opportunity to learn about Troodos’ natural values and the ecosystem services that provides to our lives.

In particular, the project was presented during:
– The theatrical performance “Ο Γιαννής τζιαι ο Δεσπότης” on Thursday 9/8/2018 in Amiandos and
– The events of the 15th of August in the community of ‘Tris Elies’ (South Marathasa) on Saturday 11/8/2018.

Within the framework of the above events, the visitors had the opportunity to informed about the project by the Project Coordinator Mr. Minas Papadopoulos and to watch all the audio-visual material that has been produced and is already being presented by televisions, cinemas and newspapers.

These presentations are part of the project’s Action ‘B.2 – Information and Awareness workshops’.