Expected results

The project contributes towards increasing awareness and information of the target audience and stakeholders about the natural values for which Troodos National Forest Park was included in the Natura 2000 network; highlighting the multiple socio-economic benefits of ecosystem services provided by the Troodos National Forest Park and the Network in general.

The project expects to reach out to:

  • 90% of Cypriots
  • 25% of tourists in Cyprus (more than 1 million tourists visit Cyprus per year).

Through a specific information and awareness campaign, the project will increase awareness, build capacity and change the perceptions of various groups. More specifically, by the end of the project, it is expected that the project will increase awareness by:

  • 50% of the inhabitants of Cyprus through media broadcasting, TV presentations, ads in newspapers/ magazines, buses, billboards and mobile exhibition
  • 40% of policy implementers (including representatives of the tourism industry sector) through training workshops, Layman’s report and report on best practices
  • 80% of local people and local authorities through rural workshops, information points and boards and Layman’s report
  • 40% of children through short animated cartoons
  • 50% of youth through social media, website, Mobile Apps and Radio live links
  • 20% of visitors/tourists through documentary, Mobile Apps, billboards, information points and boards and mobile exhibition
  • 25% of people with disabilities through improvement of facilities in natural trails and provision of information suitable for these people in the boards and in the information points.